We regret to inform our customers that Gia Laser Aesthetic Center is closing. As of Thursday, May 3rd, all appointments for services are cancelled and the company is no longer processing product orders. To our loyal clients, we are very sorry and are hopeful that a new group will continue to operate a spa at this location, honoring any credits/outstanding services you may have with Gia. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you. While we are all extremely disappointed that Gia Laser was forced to close due to financial difficulties, we thank you for your loyal support during the past four years. It was our pleasure to serve you and provide you the highest quality of aesthetic treatments. Unfortunately, due to the difficult economic environment and high overhead costs, Gia Laser must close its doors and say goodbye to our clients, many of whom we have come to know well during our years in business. Our dedicated staff wants you to know that we all truly appreciate your patronage and kind words. It is our goal to assist in finding a new group to continue offering outstanding aesthetic services in this location.